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Audi fulfils promise of e-benzin synthetic fuel

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Audi has just produced its first sample of e-benzin, which is 100% iso-octane and shows an octane rating of 100 RON, Auto Evolution reports. Developed in collaboration with Global Bioenergies, this synthetic fuel is the fifth created by Audi after e-gasoline, e-ethanol, e-diesel, and e-gas (synthetic methane).

The main benefit of e-benzin is that it contains no sulphur or benzene, so it burns very cleanly, without producing residues. The base ingredient is isobutene and manufactured from renewable raw materials in France by Global Bioenergies.

Audi is expected to start testing e-benzin soon. In the medium term, the company and Global Bioenergies aim to modify the process so that it requires no biomass, but rather just water, hydrogen, CO2, and sunlight.