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Audi, LG and Samsung collaborate on a new powerful battery

Audi’s hard at work developing numerous new products that will run on alternative energies. Batteries are one of their favorite sources of power and they’ve already allowed me to sample a few of their products, namely the R8 e-tron, a fully electric car.

Another one was the A3 e-tron and it’s on its way to a showroom near you. As you may have guessed, Audi’s nowhere near done. They’ve just announced that they will build a battery around powerful cell modules that are to be developed by the South Korean suppliers LG Chem and Samsung SDI.

These new batteries will be created for an upcoming all-electric Audi sport utility vehicle. The best news is that range anxiety will not be an issue as its expected range will be of 500 km, or similar to many larger internal combustion engine vehicles on the road today. 

This effort is part of Audi’s total planned investment of about €24 billion in new products and sustainable technologies between 2015 and 2019.
No further details are available.