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That time They Built a Cardboard Car to Access a Drive-Thru…

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Wanting to access the drive-thru of a fast-food chain, a Belgian family was missing a minor detail: a car. No matter, they got creative with some cardboard. The event was unsurprisingly captured on video and went viral online. And frankly, any moment of levity during this trying time is welcome.

The scene took place in La Louvière, Belgium, a municipality some 54 km south of Brussels. Local resident Nathalie Moermans had queued up with her daughter and daughter-in-law in the drive-thru lane of a McDonald's restaurant. Absent an actual car, however, the woman was told she could not place an order.

The explanation given was that a vehicle is necessary to ensure that social distancing is properly respected. The trio went into solution mode.

In a matter of minutes, a cardboard car came into being. Recounts Ms. Moermans, “We’ve just moved and having bought some furniture, we still had the boxes. The girls weren’t keen on going to the drive-thru in our makeshift car, for fear of attracting attention. I convinced them they would laugh about it later and they went along with it.”

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The reactions came quickly around them as they proceeded through the drive-thru. Drivers of other vehicles honked their horns and – of course - took pictures. The family did admit to wondering how police would react if they spotted them in line. Sure enough, some law enforcement did arrive, but after a quick explanation by Ms. Moermans, the only consequence was hearty laughs all around and – of course – more taking of photos.

The family was able to order their McMeals.

Inside the restaurant, the reaction was equally positive. Initial surprise was followed by smiles and laughs, with employees rushing out to – of course – snap some photos of the cardboard car.

A light-hearted moment in a difficult time.

There’s even a lesson in here somewhere. When faced with a difficult situation, there's the option of giving up of feeling sorry for oneself, or there's going into solution mode.