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Bernie Ecclestone says F1 board reports ''rubbish''

From GMM

Bernie Ecclestone has slammed reports his return to formula one's executive board has been denied.

British newspapers on Friday had said that despite his German legal troubles now being over, the board of F1's holding company Delta Topco put "conditions" on Ecclestone's return that were not met.

But the 83-year-old F1 'supremo', not in Japan this weekend, has hit back at the reports that he describes as "complete and utter rubbish".

"The agreement was, when this trial started, I agreed to stand down from the board while the trial was on. Afterwards, it's business as usual," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"Yes (I am on the board)," said Ecclestone.

Asked if it is true some 'conditions' have been placed on his continuation, he insisted: "Not at all.

"What was agreed was that certain things, if I wanted to buy the Eiffel Tower as CEO, that probably I would need permission from the board."

CVC, F1's controlling shareholder, did not comment.