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BMW’s diesel cars also exceed emissions standards, report says

The company firmly denies any cheating By ,

Some of BMW’s diesel cars exceed emissions standards, according to Europe1, which quoted an article published in German newspaper Auto Bild. Unlike the Volkswagen scandal, there are no accusations of cheating this time. 

Apparently, the BMW X3 xDrive20d has NOx levels 11 times higher than normal in real-world tests. 

Dragged down by its domestic rival, BMW has lost more than 8% of its stock since the article was released. The company insists no illegal software or any other defeat device was used, and still claims its vehicles meet current emissions standards.

"We did not manipulate or rig any emissions tests. We observe the legal requirements in each country and adhere to all local testing requirements. When it comes to our vehicles, there is no difference in the treatment of exhaust emissions whether they are on rollers (eg. test bench situation) or on the road," BMW said in a statement while announcing its intention to contact the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) for precisions.

Is this the start of a modern-day witch hunt? It looks like every diesel model on the market will be scrutinized and retested to get the real facts and determine who plays dirty. After all, if Volkswagen cheated, God knows that other automakers may be guilty, too, or at least some of their cars may not be as clean as advertised.