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BMW X7: 10 Things Worth Knowing

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Daniel Rufiange
Is the BMW X7 on your shopping list? Here are 10 thoughts that will help you learn a little more about it

Auto123 finds 10 things about the big new BMW X7 that are relevant to anyone considering forking over the truckload of money required to get in their driveway.

SUVs are proliferating at an incredible rate in the marketplace, and at both extremities of the automotive spectrum. Thus we have gaggles of very small SUVs appearing just as a number of huge mastodons lumber their way onto the scene.

Case in point, BMW; it introduced the X7 SUV a little over a year ago. What should you know about this model that looks like nothing so much as an X5 that’s’ been stung by a wasp? Here are 10 things.

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1 – Expensive. Very

The base price of the X5 is about $75,000; the X7 rises far beyond that at over $95,000. That's a lot to pay, even though you do enjoy a third bench seat and more cargo space. More luxury too.  But the fact is that with the X5, you're well served from the start as well. The second X7 variant in the catalog is priced at $117,500, and an Alpina B7 variant is even available for over $165,000.

Clearly, X7 buyers are more concerned about Covid-19 than about making ends meet at the end of the month.

BMW X7, three-quarters rear
BMW X7, three-quarters rear | Photo: D.Rufiange

2 - Two engines

Two powertrains are available for the X7: a 335-hp, twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder engine for the xDrive40i variant (330 lb-ft of torque), and a 523-hp, 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine for the xDrive M50i variant (553 lb-ft of torque). The Alpina B7 variant has the same engine, but there it delivers 612 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

In all cases, the engine works with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the smooth-working nature of which is exemplary.

BMW X7, gear shifter
BMW X7, gear shifter | Photo: BMW
Daniel Rufiange
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