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Your car needs a boost? Use the new Boostmi app!

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A new app called Boostmi allows people to register as helpers when a driver needs to have their car boosted. It’s similar to how Uber works, only this time even taxi drivers are happy to participate.

Cofounder François Lambert told Radio-Canada that thousands of car boosts will be performed during winter through the use of Boostmi, and every big city across Canada could offer the service. Lambert claims that the CAA and tow-truck companies fail to meet demand right now, with drivers forced to wait up to 2-3 hours just to have their car boosted.

A single car boost with Boostmi costs $25, and the company takes a $5 commission. Several taxi companies have already reached a deal with Boostmi to offer their services.

Boostmi is also trying to include independent garages and tow-truck drivers, but is met with some resistance. This will likely get worse next summer as Boostmi adds gasoline deliveries and flat-tire changes to its options.