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GM Design Shares New Image of a Flashy Buick Concept

New Buick concept design sketch
Photo: General Motors
Daniel Rufiange
Buick's first electric SUV, the Electra E5, is expected in 2024.

•    GM Design has released an image showing the design of a Buick concept.

The Instagram page of General Motors' design department often features vehicle sketches showing the work of its stylists. Just recently, a sketch appeared showing what an electric Blazer based on the original K5 model might look like. 

This week, a sketch of a Buick SUV takes centre stage. The work is by designer Geoffrey Richmond, who depicts a high-stanced SUV with generous ground clearance, huge wheels and bodywork inspired by the brand's new styling language. We first saw this with last year's Wildcat concept, and it's been adopted by the brand's latest products. 

In fact, this will be the signature of Buick's first electric SUV, the Electra E5, expected in North America by the end of the year. 

As for the design, it's a real eye-catcher. The front is dominated by slim daytime running lights at the edge of the hood. Those are accompanied by headlights at the front ends of the vehicle. Fins on either side of the hood appear to be a logical extension of the beltline, giving the model a distinctive look. The rest of the bodywork appears very smooth, and there are few windows, a result of the high beltline. 

Of course, this is just a sketch; no production model would look like this, but its design could be strongly inspired by it. 

Sketch of new Buick concept
Sketch of new Buick concept
Photo: General Motors

Above all, the sketch demonstrates the extent to which creative minds are allowed to express themselves at GM. For a brand like Buick, which needs to rejuvenate its customer base, this is an encouraging sign.

What's more, what we can see of the interior with the headrests tells us that this is a three-row model. Clearly, all manufacturers, including Buick, will want to offer alternatives to the Kia EV9, Rivian R1S and Volvo EX90, not to mention all the other three-row electric models planned throughout the industry. 

The new sketch shows that Buick certainly intends to make a big splash in this segment, as it will have several other electric models to present to us between now and the end of the decade. 

Recall that the brand has reserved nine names for its future electric products: Electra E1 to E9.

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