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CAA-Quebec members fear impact of legalized marijuana, survey says

A new CAA-Quebec survey shows that 73% of drivers fear that legalized marijuana will make our roads less safe. 

In fact, nine out of ten expect the number of accidents to increase, while eight out of ten believe that marijuana is just as dangerous as alcohol behind the wheel. Effective detection and deterrent systems should be put in place before pot is made legal for everyone, they claim.

“We’re already preoccupied by drunk drivers, and also people who talk on the phone and text behind the wheel. Now, we’ll have to worry about drivers under the influence of marijuana, as well,” one CAA-Quebec member said. 

The survey was conducted among 1,299 drivers between May 31st and June 12th, 2016.

“Decision makers need to take these results seriously as they reflect the mindset of the entire population,” warned Sophie Gagnon, VP of Communications and Public Relations at CAA-Quebec. “Legalizing marijuana should not compromise ongoing efforts in road safety.”

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