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Cadillac Will Produce an IQL, an Extended-Wheel Version of the Escalade IQ

Cadillac Escalade IQ
Photo: Cadillac
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Daniel Rufiange
The Escalade IQL EV will be the biggest SUV the brand has ever made

We already know that the Cadillac Escalade will go electric and carry the Escalade IQ name. Now, the luxury automaker has confirmed that a longer version, called IQL, will also be produced. 

This is not very surprising, since the regular version of the Escalade is also sold in a stretched configuration, the ESV (Escalade Stretch Vehicle) model. 

The news of a stretched version of the electric SUV came via Car and Driver, which spoke with a Cadillac representative at the Chicago Auto Show. 

The manufacturer is not saying yet when the model might launch, but it did suggest media stay tuned - new information will be forthcoming shortly. 

That probably means we can expect a presentation sometime this year. The Escalade IQ is scheduled for this summer, which could mean a fall launch for the long-wheel-base variant. 

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Cadillac Escalade IQ grey
Cadillac Escalade IQ grey
Photo: Cadillac

Reactions to the news has been very mixed online. While it’s easy to see Cadillac’s reasoning in producing such a variant, the regular IQ EV is already very big and very heavy. Now here comes another behemoth to the market. 

As we reported on recently, the ever-increasing weight of vehicles, especially electric ones, is beginning to represent a real safety hazard. 

And when it comes to large vehicles, a glance at the figures is revealing. The Escalade IQ is over a foot longer than the gasoline model. It’s only three inches shorter than the extended version of the gasoline version (ESV), so we can gird ourselves for an even more gigantic model than the already-huge Escalade ESV.

Daniel Rufiange
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