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Your Car’s Cameras: Are They Well-Calibrated?

At the rate that technologies are advancing in the automotive domain, and given the increased awareness among motorists regarding road safety, an increasing number of vehicles – of all sizes and vocations, from the Honda Fit to the BMW 5 Series and just about everything in between – now come fitted with advanced drive assist systems that help and protect drivers by alerting them of potential dangers on the road.

Visit a new-car dealership and you’ll hear all about lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, night vision assist, etc, etc. And the majority of those systems work with the aid of a camera, usually installed on the windshield. This camera receives signals from nearby vehicles, road signs and markings on the road surface to help prevent accidents or avert a potentially dangerous situation.

It’s important therefore to make sure that the cameras are properly calibrated and functional to ensure they are picking up what they should, and allowing the various systems they feed to work effectively. Recently, Belron Canada, which owns Lebeau Vitres d'autos, DURO Vitres d'autos, Speedy Glass, Apple Auto Glass and Broco Glass, deployed across Canada its new recalibrating system for cameras used with advanced drive assist systems.

Why is this important to you? Let’s say you need to replace a cracked or broken windshield, or your vehicle has suffered an impact in an accident. Failure to have your camera recalibrated could result in the systems linked to it not functioning properly. There go the benefits of having all those safety technologies in your vehicle…

To have the cameras in your vehicle recalibrated, call on specialized technicians who are trained and have access to the correct tools and technologies to make sure they are properly functional.

How much having your in-vehicle cameras recalibrated costs, say after you have a windshield replaced, can vary depending on the type of recalibration you need. However, keep in mind that if your car insurance policy covers the damages caused to a windshield after a road mishap, it should cover the cost of recalibrating the cameras as well.

Here’s a helpful video that will provide you with more information about recalibrating in-vehicle cameras, courtesy of Belron Canada.