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Canadian municipal infrastructures: clear and present danger!

Canadian municipal infrastructures: clear and present danger!

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A recent study released by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and three other organizations reveals that the most Canadian infrastructures are in dire straits.

More than half of the total municipal road infrastructures in the country are in need of important work. FCM President Karen Leibovici confirms the findings, stating that '' the study shows that basic municipal infrastructures, like roads and waterworks are at risk. The investments that have been made these past few years have helped, but without a major long-term strategy we are heading for a crisis.''

120 municipalities representing more than 60% of the Canadian population were polled: 25% of Canadian roads are overloaded, supporting much more than the loads that they were designed for, thanks in great part to the rise in vehicle traffic using these roadways. If no action is taken, the cost of repairing and maintaining these roads will explode.

Photo: Sébastien D'Amour