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Volvo unveils first car subscription service in Canada

This week Volvo Canada officially launched the CARE BY VOLVO program in Canada. The new membership service is the first of its kind to be offered in this country.

In a nutshell, members will pay $949 (before taxes) for membership in the program, and in return they get access to one of two models from Volvo: the 2019 V60 and the 2019 S60. Members will be able to order their vehicle online, in a process that should take all of 10 minutes. The service is accessible via smartphones.

The membership period is two years, and halfway through, so after 12 months, members can change vehicles if they wish, if only to experience a different model.

Photo: Volvo

Were this truly differs from a regular vehicle lease contract, is that all maintenance and vehicle care is handled by Volvo during the two-year membership. This includes installation of seasonal tires, 24/7 roadside assistance and even a concierge service. The latter means that transportation to and from the dealership for maintenance or repair service is taken care of by Volvo.

In a sense, Volvo’s offer is designed to provide maximum peace of mind.

“Traditional models of ownership need to be challenged and that’s exactly what we’re doing with CARE BY VOLVO. The subscription service combines the benefits of tomorrow’s technology with the everyday needs of people today… We’re proud to be the first in Canada to offer consumers a different way to own and enjoy a car.”

- Alexander Lvovich, Managing Director, Volvo Car Canada Ltd.

2019 Volvo V60
Photo: Volvo
2019 Volvo V60

What is peace of mind worth?
A lot of eyes in the industry will be glued on the numbers surrounding the new program, as in how many Canadians will sign up for a program that has a significant monthly fee tied to it. Other manufacturers have begun offering similar programs elsewhere in North America, and it’s sure to become more widespread in the coming years.

Services included with Care by Volvo
●    Professional maintenance
●    24/7 roadside assistance
●    Winter wheels and tires
●    Winter tire installation and storage
●    Wear-and-tear protection
●    Appearance protection
●    Road hazard protection
●    Concierge services
●    Ability to upgrade every 12 months

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