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A $100,000 Pickup From Chevrolet?

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At this very moment, I’m at the media lunch for the new Silverado HD truck from Chevrolet. We don’t yet know the Canadian pricing for the big pickup, but a report today by The Detroit Bureau gives a pretty clear idea of the direction the segment is heading in over the next few years when it comes to the amount of money buyers are and will be willing to fork over for a pickup in the next few years.

Just before our arrival at the Silverado event, in fact, that media outlet interviewed Sandor Piszar, head of marketing for Chevrolet pickups. The executive mentioned that many pickup owners today are ready to trade up for a truck that’s higher-end and better-equipped. He added that Chevrolet was ready to offer them more-expensive options if that’s what they desire.

Piszar did not provide any details about what exactly the automaker has up its sleeves. He merely stated that Chevrolet is ready to give the people what they want.

2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty
Photo: Ford
2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

And apparently, what they want is really expensive trucks. While the idea of a $100,000 truck may sound far-fetched to many, the reality is we’re already within striking distance of that mark at each of the American Big Three, Ford, GM and FCA. It’s not difficult today for a buyer to check off enough options to bring the total bill on their purchase to $75,000 or even $80,000. And that, we point out, is in USD. As Chevrolet edges close to the hundred-grand mark, it will be in Canada that we’ll first see prices get there.

And if people are ready to pay...

We’ll be providing you next week with our first driving impressions of the new Silverado HD version, as well as pricing and trims details as soon as they become available.