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Christmas Gift Ideas: Stylish Alloy Wheel Protectors!

If you or someone in your life owns a nice sports car, or a vehicle with attractive – and expensive – alloy wheels, you’re probably wary of the winter months and the beating they can put on those wheels, not to mention those mean nasty curbs and other obstacles that attack your wheels without provocation. Repairing these wheels is complicated and expensive, and chances they won’t look quite the same afterwards.

Q: “Should I just hide my car away in the garage all winter”, you ask?

A: No. Don’t be silly.

Meet RimBlades. These provide an effective and affordable solution to protect and give added style to your alloy wheels. Easy to install and remove as desired, these adhesive bands are available in 10 different colours. You can choose an assortment of these for your car that match your car’s body colour and add a contrasting touch to your tires, or else go black for an invisible look that blends in with the tires. The adhesives are of industrial grade and will, when installation instructions are properly followed, work impeccably.

The kits, costing $49 USD (plus $22.50 USD for shipping to Canada), include a band long enough to be installed on four wheels up to 22 inches in diameter.

Certainly there are other types of protection for alloy wheels available on the Web, for instance on eBay, but in our opinion RimBlades represent a quality product and a smart investment. Behind their nice design, the bands are a mix of plastic and rubber that effectively absorbs impacts and stretches to prevent scratching. What’s more, the material is treated against UV rays, ensuring that the bands don’t get discolored over time.

Treat yourself to a little self-gifting this Christmas or make that car lover in your life very happy with some RimBlades wheel protectors. Click on the link to visit the company’s website.