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Christmas Gift Ideas: Seatback Organizers Make for Tidy Cars!

Dear readers, like me you surely know at least one person whose car is in a permanent state of chaos. Maybe that person is you! Here’s a gift idea that could help make for a tidy vehicle. Not that I’m one to judge car slobs; too often I’ve found myself cleaning up the half-cup of coffee I’d left behind the night before, and come across some long-lost item I long ago gave up looking for. And this was before I had any children to cheerfully add to the mess and stress!

For young parents juggling family and career, one thing that becomes ultra-precious is time. Proper organization becomes essential to manage daily life – if only to be able to get to sleep without thinking of what important stuff we might have forgotten and that will trip us up after we wake. Why not remove one potential headache and have a handle on where everything is in the car? After all, who has time to waste rifling through their vehicle, while baby sits strapped into the car seat, wailing within close earshot for his favourite toy? Damn thing’s in here somewhere, if only I can find it before my eardrum shatters…

What applies to new parents is, of course, relevant to a wide range of people who just want to do without the joy of reaching around frantically for that tissue box that never seems to be where they last left it (hint: it’s out of reach under a seat, squashed as if by a 10-ton truck). And who hasn’t thrilled to the sound of an (inaccessible, natch) water bottle as it rolls around gleefully every time you turn a corner or apply the brakes?

Recognize yourself? You may be interested in a car seatback organizer!

This is an affordable accessory, available just about anywhere, with cleverly designed pockets and slots for small objects often found (and lost) in your vehicle. For me, the ideal placement for it is on the back of the front passenger seat. Some models attach directly to the seat, others take the form of small baskets. When optimally placed, you won’t dislocate your shoulder reaching over for objects (which will of course be smartly positioned and easily accessible).

The market offers organizers for all tastes. I found a large number of them geared especially for new parents, which are designed for accommodating toys, tablets, etc. Between you me, though, as long as you can fit a bunch of stuff in there, it’s good to go…

Maternity shops are good places to shop for seatback organizers, as are large-surface stores. Here are a few worthwhile models to consider:

Prince Lionheart backseat Organizer
Jolly Jumper Back Seat Organizer
3 Sprouts Backseat Organizer
Nûby Back Seat Organizer
Auto Trends Backseat Organizer
Style Driven Car Storage Box

Make sure to check out my next article on automotive gift ideas. From now until Christmas, I’ll be providing you with some nifty – and affordable – Christmas gift possibilities for that driver in your life.

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