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Chrysler Unveils New Models

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Justin Pritchard
Admit it: when alone from time to time, we all like to waste an hour here and there on the internet or between the pages of a magazine ogling over some hot, beautiful new models. And although the Chrysler marketing team is a relatively smart looking bunch, the real reason selected press gathered at a lavish golf course in Kleinburg on Thursday was to check out three new machines.

(Photo by Justin Pritchard)
Never lacking innovation, Chrysler is continuing an evolutionary trend that has become an ongoing stream of cutting edge vehicles which raise the bar and tear the envelope into tiny little bits. It arguably started with the LHS platform and a little car called the Viper back in the nineties- and they're at it again.

The overcast skies, drawn out rain and otherwise hot, humid unpleasantness couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of the Chrysler team- an energetic and proud gang who showed off the models just like a pre-schooler with a new Christmas present. Well, three to be exact.

Aspen, the brands new SUV, combines luxury and Hemi power for those looking for a svelte and accomplished 4x4. The Pacifica, originally launched in 2003, has been given an update including new engine options and a modern transmission. Finally, the all-new Sebring promises to heat up the mid-sized sedan segment while offering performance and looks to rival European counterparts for thousands less.

A cross-breed between a 300C and a Durango, Aspen is the first SUV to wear the winged Chrysler badge. Adorned with elegant chrome, huge wheels and chiseled lines, this hot hauler features the award winning
(Photo: DaimlerChrysler)
HEMI powerplant with cylinder de-activation for increased economy. Seating appointments are generous in all three rows- comfortable, roomy and easy to access, even for full sized adults.

The driving experience of the Aspen promises exceptional agility for a vehicle its size, and handling on par with smaller machines despite comfortable seating for half of the office.

Judy Wheeler, VP of Marketing at Daimler Chrysler, indicated that Aspen will compete on the same playing field as the Toyota Sequioa, Lincoln Navigator and even the iconic bling-blingin Cadillac Escalade. Though pricing has yet to be announced, a value position is suggested as the brand intends to keep buyers who traditionally jumped ship for similar products.

Focus groups demonstrated that potential buyers see the Durango and Aspen differently enough to warrant their side-by-side existence without cannibalistic sales.

A new front-drive platform now houses the latest generation Sebring with the intent of a product which is both leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generation.

(Photo by Justin Pritchard)
Styling for Chrysler's new mid-size includes the brands trademark aggressive headlamp treatment, a grooved hood, sculpted bodywork and polished wheels for upper scale visual impact. It looks a bit like a Crossfire sedan- ideal if spousal constraints don't allow for a two-seater.

The elegance carries on inside, with the interior is finished in a two-tone color scheme on all models. Sebring also features such goodies as heated and chilled cup-holders and high-focus LED lighting. The passenger seat folds fully flat- creating an ideal place to set up your laptop or work station.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert