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Prime-D and ready to go: TG Boys are Back!

All right, this time we’re sure it’s the real deal. We’ve spent months speculating, wondering, hoping, sending out signals to the gods, that the three former Top Gear hosts would sign a deal somewhere (anywhere!) so we could watch them and their clever banter on screen once again. 

Just one month ago, we were certain NetFlix had scooped them up, with a clever “House of Cars” series we’d all eagerly want to watch. However, it seems that was just an internet rumour we all desperately wished to be true (and perhaps there were talks with the video streaming bigwigs, but nothing was set in stone). 

Such is not the case this time around. According to the BBC, and the boys themselves, Amazon Prime will be their new home. 

First off, what is Amazon Prime? Well, it’s a membership offered by that offers subscribers free shipping options, music playlists, advanced orders for upcoming items, unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive, and of course they offer unlimited TV shows and movies to watch with Prime Instant Video. 

So, pay the $100/year membership fee, et voila: the TG trio is yours again. If you’re not of the sign-up type, then you can purchase each show individually (for reference, one True Blood is $3.99, and the entire season is $38.99, while Downton Abbey is only $2.99 and $19.99 respectively). 

We have no details as to what the show will be called or what the boys plan to do first, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be epic and in true Clarkson/Hammond/May fashion. It’s clear the boys are excited about it, each having released a statement about making the switch to Amazon. 

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on when the first episode is made available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. And on that bombshell…