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Everyone's in a frenzy as the holiday season approaches, and of course that includes the entire team at! The little elves on the editorial staff are busy writing some interesting features and reviews of the latest sleds on the market, while our marketing staff is working on their annual viral campaign -- deploy all Santa Clauses to shopping malls everywhere.

Let's not forget the tech-y elves in the programming department, who make sure no Grinch-bugs compromise the happiest day of the year. With an all-new, friendlier platform to spread that holiday joy, has all the cool gifts automotive consumers across Canada have wished for. 

Buying a Christmas tree
Each year, we set up a giant tree inside our editorial shop. This time, however, the elf in charge of picking up the precious ornament ran into some unexpected problems...

Rule No.1: Always have a proper vehicle to haul big and heavy loads.

A 283-reindeerpower minivan-sled may burn a lot more lichen than a smaller, 107-reindeerpower hatchback-sled, but it proves a lot handier when you have to bring a Christmas tree back to the shop. Sure, you can strap it to the roof of the smaller sled, but you won't see a thing! 

So, our quick-thinking elf sent a text message to a colleague asking for some assistance in the form of a spacious crossover-sled. Don't worry, he knew better than to text while sledding!

The duo loaded the tree into the back of the crossover-sled and soon arrived at the shop.

You see, we at know how to work as a team, regardless of the job at hand!

Santa's parade
Elf nation is going crazy as crowds gather on the side of the street for Santa Claus' traditional parade. Earlier in the day, all the nearby parking spaces quickly filled up with snow scooters and other common means of transportation -- nothing that resembles the spectacular floats that started moving down the street an hour ago.

The pointy-eared designers sure know how to pick some great names for their creations including Mustang, Corvette, Vanquish, S-Class, and Continental GT3. 

Here's the moment everyone's been waiting for. Man, Santa's float is eerily quiet; you can't even hear the engine running! Oh, wait: We've been informed that he's riding in a Model S, which happens to be the ultimate electric car with nearly 500 kilometres of range on a full charge. That's a significant upgrade from last year's gas burner!

It's all a wrap, folks. See you at next year's parade!