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Europe wants to ban fuel-powered cars by 2050

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Khatir Soltani
The shift toward greener cars has many governments thinking about radical ways to minimize CO2 emissions. For one, the European Union is said to be targeting a 60-percent reduction in traffic-related emissions by 2050. And in order to achieve that lofty goal, any vehicle that runs on gas or diesel will be banned.

Several studies have identified transportation as one of the leading sources of air pollution, so this eventual ban would attack the problem at its roots. Our friends from across the pond would be forced to drive electric or hybrid cars and trucks, or else use public transit.

Obviously, the news was heard by every automaker on the planet, starting with Ford, which produces the Transit Connect and Focus EV. One executive said that while the European Commission's intentions are positive, there are other policy proposals that would better achieve the end goal.

''This situation will best be resolved through a sensible debate on how to improve the road network and other aspects of the road infrastructure in urban areas as part of a holistic discussion on transport policy", stated Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe.

Electric vehicles undoubtedly have an important part to play in the future of road transport. However, the Blue Oval company believes any proposals that seek to rapidly ramp-up the electric vehicle fleet not only need to be market driven, but also must be aligned to an overall European Union energy policy.

Later in the day yesterday, BBC has indicated that the United Kingdom, represented by the Minister of Transport Norman Baker, has rejected this proposal. Baker said that the measures "should not be "involved" in individual cities' transport choices " and that his government "will not be banning cars from city centres".

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Khatir Soltani
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