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F1: Ferrari is seeking ''clarification'' on radio clampdown

From GMM

Ferrari has given a cool welcome to the FIA's clampdown on radio instructions to F1 drivers.

The ban will fall on teams with immediate effect, and Red Bull's Christian Horner declared last week: "It is time for the drivers to drive."

Mercedes' Toto Wolff, however, is more concerned, fearing "essential on-track procedures will be affected" by the "complex and controversial" rule change.

Ferrari also thinks the clampdown will fundamentally affect the work of formula one teams and drivers under the increasingly complex new rules for 2014.

"Currently, drivers make two or three adjustments per lap based on information given to them by the engineers who monitor the situation via telemetry," the Italian team said in an online report entitled 'Radio gu-gu, Radio ga-ga'.

F1 Ferrari pitbox
Ferrari pitbox. (Photo: WRi2)

Ferrari announced that it is "evaluating the effect of this technical directive relating to radio communications and ... the possible scenarios that could occur on track".

"There are still some uncertainties remaining especially regarding safety matters. Information about brake and tyre wear are among those currently banned but messages on these topics could prevent dangerous incidents," it added.

Ferrari said it has sought "further clarification from the FIA" on the issue.