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F1: McLaren's Eric Boullier says 3rd car is not possible for 2015

Eric Boullier, director of racing at McLaren Formula 1 team Thursday said that it was now too late for the big teams to enter a third car in 2015.

Speaking during a McLaren media teleconference on Thursday about the time required for adding third cars, Boullier explained teams “need six months’ notice” to add a third car.

Boullier added it would take six months to have all the logistics in place. With the 2015 F1 season due to begin on March 13th in Australia, that leaves them with too little time already.

“The chassis and third car logistics and people around – we would need at least six months’ notice,” he declared.

Team principals of the smaller teams have said the sport should distribute its revenues more fairly to aid the smaller teams to prevent three-car teams being necessary. That includes Vijay Mallya of Force India.

“He’s not in really favour of this and I can understand why,” said Boullier.

“I think it’s a debate which is in the wrong timing. We have to wait, obviously, [until] there is a need to run three cars and then we will see. So you can question many things about revenue, about whatever. I think at the end if one day we are called and asked to help F1 and run three cars we have to,” Boullier said.