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F1: Renault-powered Lotus E22 ran 'without major problems' during Jerez filming day

The Renault V6 turbo hybrid power unit that powered the Lotus E22 Formula 1 car in Jerez last weekend ran “without any major problems”.

Renault endured a very tough time in Jerez two weeks ago when it’s V6s overheated in certain cars and failed to run properly in others due to electronic woes.

In fact, the Red Bull Racing RB10 completed less than 100km in four days of testing, forcing Sebastian Vettel, Christian Horner and Adrian Newey to leave the track early to work on solutions.

The French car manufacturer said Monday the changes put in place for their troubled turbo power unit were "validated" during engine customers Lotus' promotional filming session in Spain.

Renault Sport F1 have confirmed that the revised power unit ran "without reliability problems" in the Lotus E22 at Jerez, which allowed the Enstone team to reach the permitted 100km for a filming day.

The tweaks to the systems included "minor hardware changes, software bug fixes and calibration improvements".

"We should point out that no development was pursued during the filming day as stipulated in the sporting regulations, rather upgrades trialed in the dyno in Viry were validated," Renault Sport F1 added.

In a separate press release, Lotus F1 Team confirmed that both their E22 and Renault V6 had run smoothly and confirmed they had reached the maximum 100km running that teams are allowed to complete in a promotional filming day.