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Karma Automotive: Factory Stores to Sell its New Revero?

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The factory store concept pioneered in recent years by Tesla is being considered for implementation by other carmakers. According to the Automotive News website, Karma Automotive, reborn from the financial ashes of Fisker Automotive, is planning on selling its upcoming Revero model in the United States under this business model. 

The fledgling carmaker intends on building “brand experience centers” resembling those already operated by Tesla, and which will target the American states most receptive to that type of store. 

Until those become a reality, however, 10 franchised dealerships in the U.S. and Canada will offer the new Revero. In contrast to Tesla’s factory stores, these franchisees already offer other luxury brands such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Porsche, giving the Revero a foot in the door with an established target market of well-heeled potential consumers. 

Karma Automotive’s owner the Wanxiang Group has also said it plans to build a new factory costing $375 million (USD) in China, with an expected annual production capacity of 50,000 cars.

Karma Automotive’s first storefront outlet is planned for Orange County in California, which is also where the new Revero will have its global unveiling this coming September 8. Don’t miss our coverage of the event, or the first official images that the manufacturer has promised to release during the month of August!