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Fight high gas prices with our fuel saving tips!

1)A car's tires loose about one PSI of air per month under normal conditions, and a car with under-inflated tires can use up to 15% more fuel. That said, over 75% of cars on the road don't have proper tire pressure, because less than 25% of drivers check their tire pressures regularly. That's a lot of wasted fuel- not to mention a dangerous safety issue as well.

Save fuel and be safe- it takes just a moment to check your tire pressure. Even if your car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), you should check by hand once a month too- as they aren't always accurate.

2)Nobody wants to get into a cold car for the early drive to work on cooler mornings. But remember that idling your engine excessively gets you no miles per gallon and puts hard-earned money up into the atmosphere wastefully. Bundle up, let the car idle only a few seconds and take off.

3)Take your time. Leave for a long trip half an hour early as opposed to speeding on your way. After about 100 km/h, fuel mileage suffers drastically for even a small increase in vehicle speed. This has to do with aerodynamics, so your family SUV is probably plenty more thirsty going 120 km/h than it is at 110 km/h.

4)Mileage is best when the engine is warmed up- a great reason to do several errands in one trip rather than allowing your engine to heat up and cool down several times throughout the day.

5) Engineers have worked tirelessly to make your car, wagon or SUV as aerodynamic as possible for the sake of saving fuel- but some drivers go and screw it all up by leaving that roof-mounted ski or bike rack on when it isn't needed.

When possible, leave these at home. Most can be removed in a minute or two.

6)Don't waste your money on high grade gasoline if your vehicle doesn't need it. There is no horsepower or mileage gain to be had, and petroleum companies don't care if you spend the extra few cents a litre needlessly.

If your vehicle only requires 87 octane and you feed it 91, you're wasting cash. Regular gasoline contains detergent just like 'Super' does- but if it helps you sleep better, a bottle of injector cleaner every now and then is cheaper than spending an extra 7 or 8 dollars every time you fill up.

Check your owner's manual for the scoop.

7) Remember that no matter how new and advanced your car might be, it still needs to be maintained. If not, it could emit 50 percent more pollution or use 50 percent more fuel than a vehicle which has been neglected. If you don't service your vehicle regularly, you shouldn't expect it to run efficiently or last as long as the factory intended.