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Finnish driver JJ Lehto now free

Finnish driver JJ Lehto now free

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Former Formula 1 and Le Mans racer, Finland's JJ Lehto has been freed over boat crash that killed one person in 2010.

Lehto and a friend were on a boat that crashed against a bridge support pillar in southern Finland back in 2010, killing the driver's friend.

Lehto has been released from all charges of drunk driving because the court of appeal in Turku on Friday said it was not clear whether Lehto or his friend had been driving the boat at the time of the accident.

The former teammate of Michael Schumacher at Benetton F1 was sentenced last year to two years and four months in prison by a district court, which said Lehto was drunk when driving the boat.

JJ Lehto appealed the sentence, stating he was sitting in the back of the boat when the impact happened.