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World's first EV highway opens in Sweden

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The first EV highway in the world has opened in Sweden a few days ago. More specifically, starting now and for the next two years, a Siemens catenary system for trucks will be tested on a 2km stretch of the E16 highway north of Stockholm.

The trial will use two diesel hybrid vehicles manufactured by Scania and adapted, in collaboration with Siemens, to operate under the catenary system.

Trucks equipped with the system draw power from the overhead wires as they drive, like tramways, enabling them to travel efficiently and with zero local emissions. The key difference is that sensors enable the intelligent pantograph combined with a hybrid drive system to hook up to the catenary system and disconnect automatically at speeds of up to 90 km/h. 

If successful, this pilot will expand and significantly help Sweden achieve its goal of developing a fuel-independent transport sector by 2030. GHG emissions will therefore be greatly reduced. 

Meanwhile in California, Siemens is working with Volvo and local truck retrofitters on a demonstration project for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). This project is testing how different truck configurations interact with the EV highway infrastructure set up in the vicinity of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.


Photo: Siemens