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A first look at the Ford Mustang hybrid?

A new ad by Ford starring Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston may have just given us a first glimpse of the very first hybrid version of the classic Ford Mustang. The spot, the first of several new ads that will be rolled out by the automaker in the coming months,  slips in a quick glimpse of a Mustang that has never been seen before.

Dark as it is, that first image shows the front end of the car, and it’s clear this Mustang is far removed from the Shelby GT500 version, for example. The latter model, which will deliver up to 700 hp, has a grille in which the air intakes predominate in order to maximize the oxygen delivered to the engine. The new ad, which focuses on Ford’s vision of the automotive future, shows a Mustang with a much more streamlined front end. Not to mention that the car’s Mustang logo is lit up.

Both of these features are typical of hybrid models. And since we know that the Mustang hybrid is set to debut as soon as 2020, it’s easy to conclude that this is what we’re looking at in the ad.

Photo: Ford

Ford is not confirming any of this, of course.

Another possibility is that the teaser image is of a Mustang-based SUV that Ford is said to be working on, but this is less of a likely scenario.  

It shouldn’t be too long before we know more, though, as three major auto shows are lined up on the industry schedule in the coming weeks: CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Los Angeles and Detroit.

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