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The Ford Bronco will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show in June

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2020 is, by any measure, a crucial one for American automaker Ford. For one, we'll see the debut of the Mustang Mach E, and for two, we welcome back the Bronco. It’s been known for years that the Bronco is returning to the scene, but we haven't had much to sink our teeth into so far. In fact, everyone's patience has been put to the test as we're only just learning a little bit about what the Bronco is going to look like and how it will perform.

Although it hasn't been officially announced by Ford, indications are that the company has made its choice as to when it will unveil its model. Normally, we would have expected it to arrive at the Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of the year, but since that event has been moved to June, no one knew for sure.

The calendar for the first six months of the year includes three major shows in the United States: Chicago in February, New York in April and now Detroit in June. It would have been surprising to see the Bronco land in Chicago, but the choice of New York could have been plausible, especially since Ford has mentioned that the official presentation of the Bronco would take place in the spring.

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2020 Ford Escape being unveiled
Photo: Ford
2020 Ford Escape being unveiled

However, an anonymous source revealed to TFLcar website that the Detroit show is to be designated spot for the presentation of the revived SUV. Technically, when the show starts, it will still be spring.

This model with this event is a logical fit, especially this year. The Detroit Show needs vehicles that will generate a lot of attention for its first edition to be held in June, while for Ford, the spotlight is expected ot sine particularly brightly on Detroit this year, and that can only serve the Bronco’s cause.

The Bronco, which will offer a retro look and a very square shape, will position itself as a direct rival to the Jeep Wrangler. With detachable doors and an all-out off-roading mandate, let's just say it looks promising. No doubt we’ll be seeing much time and energy devoted to comparing the two products among industry watchers.

In five months, we'll know what’s what. Or at least, the debate will start in earnest.