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Ford of Canada Recalling 4,316 2019 Super Duty Trucks

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Ford of Canada has announced a recall of 4,316 2019 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks in this country over a potential problem with the model’s axle. A defect could cause the vehicle to start moving without warning when it’s at a stop but without the parking brake activated. The vehicle could also lose power when it’s being operated in two-wheel-drive mode.

“On affected vehicles, the electronically locking rear-axle assembly may have a passenger-side axle shaft manufactured with steel that does not meet Ford’s specifications. A passenger-side rear axle shaft manufactured with material not to Ford’s specifications may fracture.”

- Ford recall announcement

The company says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from the issue. Aside from the 4,316 units in Canada, 28,579 models in the United States and 73 trucks in Mexico are impacted. All are 2019 model-year trucks.

The trucks targeted by the recall campaign were all assembled at Ford’s plants in Kentucky and Ohio between May 21 2019 and July 26 2019.

Dealerships will inspect the component in question and replace it if it’s found to be defective. In the meantime, owners are asked to engage the parking brake when they are at a stop in their vehicle.