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Ford Recalls 2.24 Million Explorers with Trim Parts That Could Fall Off

2011 Ford Explorer Limited | Photo: Ford
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Daniel Rufiange
93,000 units of the SUV are affected in Canada

Ford has announced the recall of 2.24 million Explorer SUVs for a reason you don't see too often. Some of the vehicle's trim parts can come loose and fly off, which is an obvious problem for owners but also for other vehicles on the road. 

In the U.S., 1.9 million units are affected, while in Canada, 93,000 units are involved. The recall concerns models from the 2011-to-2019 generation. 

Ford says it’s not aware of any accidents caused by this unusual problem. 

In a letter sent to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the equivalent of Transport Canada, the company said the problem was caused by the A-pillar retention clips that hold the lining covering the vehicle's roof racks near the windshield. 

Explained Ford, “The A-pillar trim retention clips may not be properly engaged, allowing the trim to detach.” 

2013 Ford Explorer XLT
2013 Ford Explorer XLT | Photo: Ford

Obviously, a vehicle that loses parts while in traffic represents a potential problem for all other road users, including pedestrians. 

Ford is aware of 568 complaints received from owners, as well as 14,000 warranty reports concerning loose trim. These figures show that the problem is not anecdotal. However, the company believes that only 5 percent of recalled models are affected. 

The company points out that owners can visually detect gaps around a loose A-pillar trim. Noises could also be heard, as could wind noise coming from the A-pillar area, which is close to the sides of the windshield.

Dealers will inspect the trim pieces free of charge to ensure that the fasteners are properly engaged and will add adhesive to hold them in place. 

Notification letters will be sent to owners of the affected Explorer SUVs by March 13.

Daniel Rufiange
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