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Ford’s High-Performance Cars: Sales Have Doubled in 3 Years

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In all corners of the world, sports cars with the Ford moniker are experiencing unprecedented success, with sales expected to easily pass the 200,000 mark for 2016, or more than double the figure three years ago. As previously announced by the carmaker, its Ford Performance division will include no fewer than 20 commercially available models by the year 2020. Among them, the F-150 Raptor and the Ford GT, both scheduled for launch before the end of 2016.

The best known of all remains the Ford Mustang, and orders for the 2017 GT 350 and the 2017 350R are already going unfilled due to demand. Demand is also outstripping supply for the Ford Focus RS, this despite initial worries its popularity may be dampened by its relatively high price tag. The thoroughly sporty Ford GT has attracted potential buyers to the tune of 6,500 orders, inundating the production run of 500 units.