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Frankfurt 2019: The BMW Concept 4, a Precursor to the Next 4 Series

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Today BMW unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show a design study called the Concept 4, a prototype explicitly meant to preview the next-generation 4 Series coupe.

The element of the new concept that will get most tongues wagging is, without a doubt, the massive front grille, so massive in fact it evokes the way the brand used to present the noses of its models. For proof, take a look if you have a moment at the pre-war 328, or the 1970s-era 3.0 CSi and 2002 models.

“The kidney grille has always been a signature feature of BMW cars. The BMW Concept 4 presents a confident and classy take on this iconic feature. At the same time, the BMW Concept 4 offers a look ahead to the expressive face of the 4-Series range.”

-  Domagoj Dukec, BMW head of design

Photo: BMW

Realistically, however, there’s little chance this oversized grille ill make it onto a BMW production model. Spy shots floating around of the camouflaged next 4 Series in testing hint at a much more modest front-end approach. We can expect the new 4 Series to stick largely to the design signature of other recent-vintage cars from the brand.

There are other, more telling details on the Concept 4. For one, there’s the profile of the car, and for two, there’s the design of the front and rear light clusters.

For BMW, what matters here is to show that the next 4 Series won’t just be a coupe version of the 3 Series. The company seems serous about creating some separation between the two models, looks-wise.

The BMW 4 Series will make it public debut in the summer of 2020, and it should arrive at dealerships towards the end of 2020, or else early in 2021.

Photo: BMW
BMW Concept 4 pictures