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Horrific H-0WL3R, the scariest car for Halloween!

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Imagine a car built from the worst parts of various old models known for their poor reliability. That’s precisely what British insurance company Warranty Direct did to celebrate Halloween this year. 

This frightening vehicle, the “Horrific H-0WL3R, is constructed from car components which statistically are the most prone to failure – based on data from 50,000 live policies.
The list includes:

  • Mitsubishi Outlander engine (2007-);
  • Mazda5 axle and suspension (2005-);
  • Chevrolet Tacuma transmission (2005-2011);
  • Lexus GS electric systems (2005-);
  • Mazda MX-5 brakes (2005-);
  • Honda CR-V air conditioning (2007-);
  • Chevrolet Tacuma steering (2005-2011).

 “Thankfully it is fictional and can’t be found on the market; nonetheless, it does highlight the Achilles heel of different vehicles, some of which are generally reliable, but could cause a fright as a result of a rogue component,” said David Gerrans, Managing Director of Warranty Direct.

On that note, happy Halloween! And drive with extra caution!