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GM Shows a Vehicle Interior Conceived for Video Gaming

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One day, we’ve been saying for years, autonomous-drive technologies will be widespread. When that time does come, when vehicle occupants can really relax during the daily commute or on a road trip,  some will definitely want to indulge in a nap or catch up on some reading.

For others, it might be gaming.

General Motors (GM) has been thinking about those folks, and it actually predicts that future travelers will be able to play games on the go.

To that end, the company's design department posted a sketch on its official Instagram account that imagines what the interior of a car with no need of a steering wheel and pedals might look like. Instead of a dashboard per se, we get a large shelf positioned directly under a large screen that’s low enough for the occupants to look over so they can still, you know, see the road. There’s also a touchscreen mounted between the two seats.

Stylist Darby Jean Barber produced the design, which imagines a layout in which one passenger might play a video game while the other looks out at the landscape or reads a book. Of course, there could be two screens or a divisible unit so that each of the front occupants can enjoy whatever they want.

This, obviously, is in the realm of sci-fi for now. While some thrill at the notion of being driven around by their vehicle, others are still mighty skeptical at the thought of not looking at the road and trusting the machine completely. Still, this kind of speculative look at a possible future automotive experience is always interesting, if only because it opens a window into what’s being discussed and mulled over at the HQs of automakers and other industry players.

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