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The Best All-Season and Summer Tires for SUVs, Pickups in Canada for 2020

| Photo: Subaru
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Éric Descarries
Here’s our guide to the best summer and all-season tires available this season

Here is our annual guide to summer tires and all-season tires for SUVs and pickup trucks for 2020 in Canada.

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As described in the introduction to our guide on recommended car tires for summer 2020, the following was developed as we deal with pandemic-related confinement measures. For the past few weeks, the automotive manufacturing industry has been at a virtual standstill.

However, at some point, the situation is expected to return to some semblance of normality and many owners of larger SUVs and crossovers and pickup trucks will be looking to change the tires on their vehicles. The following is intended to serve as a buying guide, and features mostly the most recent tires introduced by the main tire manufacturers.

We cover several tire categories in this guide, but keep in mind that if you own a minivan, a small to medium-sized SUV, crossover or even a compact mid-size pickup truck, chances are you can also find the right tire for you in the tire guide for cars.

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This guide often refers to tires that are called "off-road" or "all-season" tires. Some are labeled A/T for All Terrain, others A/S for All Seasons. If you plan to keep these tires in service next winter, make sure they display the winter certification logo (the snowflake in a mountain silhouette).

Take note that the order the brands are listed in is not representative of their importance or our preferences.

1. Michelin

As mentioned in our guide to car tires, we know the love many Canadian motorists feel for French tire brand Michelin. That's why the all-new Michelin Defender LTX MS comes immediately to mind when it comes to an all-purpose tire for larger SUVs and luxury pickup trucks, especially if you're looking for a quiet, smooth ride.

Michelin Defender LTX MS
Michelin Defender LTX MS | Photo: Michelin

Note that this tire isn't quite suitable for off-road use and that you’ll find others better suited for winter use (although it's quite able to handle a light spring or autumn snowfall). Incidentally, the Defender LTX MS replaces the LTX M/S2, which already had a great reputation. It's available in a multitude of sizes for 15 to 22 inch rims and even in the LT format for heavy loads.

The Michelin Latitude and Premier can also be an interesting choice for SUV and crossover owners.  However, Michelin tires can be more expensive than many of the competition's products.

Michelin Latitude
Michelin Latitude | Photo: Michelin
Michelin Premier
Michelin Premier | Photo: Michelin
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