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Buying Guide: The Best Summer and All-Season Tires for Electric Cars in Canada in 2024

The 2024 Fiat 500e | Photo: Fiat
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Éric Descarries
Here are our recommendations for summer tires this year

Here is our annual guide to summer tires and all-season tires in Canada for 2024. Previously, we presented a summary of the recommended summer and all-season tires for cars and small SUVs, as well as a guide to tires for larger SUVs and pickups. Today, we have a chapter dedicated to tires for electric vehicles.

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Many if not most tire manufacturers have been working for some time on products compatible with the new electric vehicles that have become increasingly numerous on the market.

Bumps on the road notwithstanding, one thing is pretty clear: electric vehicles will gain in market share in the years to come. Tire manufacturers foresee this, and already the big names have begun to create tires specifically for these vehicles (cars, SUVs, pickups, vans, exotic cars), or else to identify those existing that are adaptable to most electric models.

The 2023 Subaru Solterra
The 2023 Subaru Solterra | Photo: D.Boshouwers

Why special tires for EVs?

It’s important to understand that an electric vehicle is not only heavier (because of its batteries), but also more powerful (an electric motor applies all its torque from the start of movement).

Secondly, EVs are quieter, which requires quieter tires.

So don't be surprised to see a number of tires, new or renewed, displaying the E+ or EV logo to identify them as being compatible with electric vehicles.

Another point to remember: if I rely on my expert researcher in the field, Étienne Prévost of Pneus Premier Choix, some tires are brand-new designs, while others could simply be tires already in production that have been evaluated and recommended by their manufacturer for use with many electric vehicles.

New EV tires for 2024 in Canada

How can we recommend tires that could be the best when they're just starting to be marketed? Well, by starting with the brands that already enjoy a solid reputation for design, engineering and quality.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire
Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire | Photo: Michelin

Michelin Pilot Sport and Sport All Season EV

Here's the perfect example of tires that have been adapted for EVs. Already well-recognized for sports cars, these Michelin Pilots incorporate an inner tread to reduce the transmission of road noise.

These tires are available in 32 sizes for rims from 19 to 21 inches, but they are quite expensive.

Expect more Michelin EV products to appear soon.

Bridgestone Turanza EV tire
Bridgestone Turanza EV tire | Photo: Bridgestone

Bridgestone Turanza EV

Another well-known brand, this one of Japanese origin, Bridgestone has just launched an all-new tire featuring a new tread pattern made from PeakLife polymer. Bridgestone explains that its 3D sipes help the tire's handling.

The brand also offers a 90-day warranty to enable motorists to try the product out before making a final decision.

Goodyear ElectricDrive GT tire
Goodyear ElectricDrive GT tire | Photo: Goodyear

Goodyear ElectricDrive and ElectricDrive GT

Recently launched, this tire specifically designed for electric vehicles is offered in various sizes, and even in a GT version for performance cars. Goodyear touts the tire's specialized design for EVs, its attention to quiet running and, of course, its XL rating for load capacity (because EVs, as we know, are heavier than regular vehicles because of their batteries).

There hasn’t been a ton of customer feedback on the tire since it is so new, but the brand is a trustworthy one. And that’s so even if some of its products are more affordable than those of the competition.

Pirelli Elect tire
Pirelli Elect tire | Photo: Pirelli
Pirelli Elect  tire, on the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
Pirelli Elect tire, on the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N | Photo: Hyundai

Pirelli Elect

Tire manufacturer Pirelli needs no introduction. We've already talked about its ELECT tires in the past in previous summer tire buying guides.

For the moment, the vast majority of Pirelli's tires for electric vehicles are aimed at ultra-high and high-performance cars.

The Italian manufacturer promises that its new technologies have succeeded in reducing road noise by up to 20%, according to tests compiled on board a VW ID.4. However, the tire is not exactly a bargain. Still, the handling they provide is exceptional.

Yokohama Advan Sport EV tire
Yokohama Advan Sport EV tire | Photo: Yokohama

Yokohama Advan Sport EV

Launched last year, the Yokohama Advan Sport EV A/S is advertised as an all-season tire, but it is not approved for winter use.

For the time being, it’s available in a dozen sizes for rims from 18 to 20 inches.

According to its manufacturer, the product incorporates a new compound with more silica to optimize grip.

Continental EcoContact 6 tire
Continental EcoContact 6 tire | Photo: Continental
Continental EcoContact 6 tire, on the Volkswagen ID.7
Continental EcoContact 6 tire, on the Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen

Continental EcoContact 6

The EcoContact6 from German manufacturer Continental isn't necessarily presented as a tire specifically designed for EVs, but its manufacturer touts its qualities as being adaptable to EVs. It is one of the original factory tires used by some of the major German car brands. Its Chilli 2.0 tread compound ensures the quiet ride so sought-after by EV owners.

Hankook Ion tire
Hankook Ion tire | Photo: Hankook
Hankook Ion tire, on the Kia EV9
Hankook Ion tire, on the Kia EV9 | Photo: Kia

Hankook Ion

Without making a lot of noise, South Korean manufacturer Hankook (the name means "From Korea") has succeeded in developing an interesting range of tires for EVs, under the name of Ion. Available for rims from 18 to 21 inches, this tire features Noise Guard technology that eliminates almost 30 percent of road noise.

Incidentally, Hankook offers this tire for cars, while offering a different range for SUVs.

The West Lake Superide 1 EV tire
The West Lake Superide 1 EV tire |

West Lake Superide 1 EV

If you're looking for a tire at an affordable price, one option is to look at so-called Chinese brands for your purchase. While it’s true that in the past, many consumers weren't satisfied with these products, we have to admit that, over time, some Chinese manufacturers have mastered the technologies leading to improvements and come up with some interesting products.

West Lake's Superide 1 EV could well be the perfect example. The manufacturer boasts of its silent ride thanks to its Zuper Silent technology. All we need now is more feedback from users.

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