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The Best Winter Tires for Cars in Canada for 2019-2020

Pirelli Ice Zero FR

Photo: Pirelli

Italian manufacturer Pirelli has a well-deserved reputation for producing quality winter tires. We’ve already covered – and praised – the talents of its recent Ice Zero FR tire, a stud-less tire effective on popular sedan and minivan models. Its deep, wide grooves are great for evacuating wet snow and slush, and it’s relatively affordable. It could, however, wear prematurely.

For the rest, Pirelli offers the Sottozero 3, a very effective performance tire for owners of sportier cars. We tried the previous-generation Sottozero 2 on a Mustang GT in the snow, and gave it thumbs up.

For owners of vehicles with Run Flat tires, know that the Snow Control 3 and Sottozero 3 are both also available in this configuration. They can require installation by a service centre specialized in that type of tire.

Photo: Pirelli