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The Best Winter Tires for SUVs, Pickups in Canada for 2018-2019

| Photo: Ford
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Éric Descarries
Here’s our guide to the best winter tires available this season


The Italian manufacturer sells a great range of winter tires for a range of uses and vehicles types, including SUVs – especially the smaller ones. Take note that the company recently introduced a new all-terrain tire for pickups, called the Scorpion All Terrain Plus; it could very well serve as a pickup truck winter tire, especially given its aggressive tread design.

| Photo: Pirelli

The others

Several other lower-end brands have been left off this list, first of all because there are so many of them and secondly because their products are often less effective than the ones we’ve discussed here. That’s not say that some don’t merit mention. And if your favourite brand is absent from our guide, take a minute or two to browse online for reviews or road tests. But stick to the guiding principle that a cheaper tire generally means inferior performance on snow and ice. Sometimes, far inferior…

| Photo: Ford
| Photo: BMW
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