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Hiriko, the folding electric car

Hiriko, a tiny electric car jointly developed by a group of Basque entrepreneurs and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will be launched in Berlin next month.

Following a stop at the Geneva Auto Show, it will enter production in the spring and later be put in service in a number of cities. Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Boston and London have already shown some interest.

Mainstream availability is also in the cards, with pricing set at E12,500 plus battery leasing fees.

Hiriko stands a mere 2.5 metres long, or 20 centimetres shorter than a smart fortwo. However, the sliding rear axle allows the car to ''fold'' to just 1.5 metre. That means you could fit three Hirikos into a single regular parking spot!

The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, and each one incorporates its own driving motor. Together, they provide a range of up to 120 kilometres along with a top speed of 60 km/h. Charging the battery takes 15 minutes only.

In addition to the standard Hiriko, expect convertible (Alai) and pickup (Laga) variants to come in the near future.

Source: Lyon Femmes