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Honda Clarity fuel-cell sedan going on sale in California soon

A plug-in hybrid variant is planned for 2018, too Automotive columnist: , Updated:

By the end of 2016 the hydrogen-powered Honda Clarity fuel-cell sedan will become available to customers in select cities in California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Priced at $60,000 USD, it will initially be reserved for leasing only with a targeted monthly lease under $500 USD.

This approach is similar to what Hyundai did with the Tucson FECV, which first hit the market in California then Vancouver, exclusively for leasing.

The Honda Clarity provides a range of more than 480 kilometres with a full tank of hydrogen. 

In addition, the company announced that the platform underpinning the Clarity will serve as the base for a next-generation Honda plug-in hybrid launching by 2018.Unlike the former, this new model will be available in all 50 U.S. states, so it’s fairly safe to assume it’ll cross the border up north, as well.