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Geneva 2016: Hyundai IONIQ intends to hurt Prius

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The all-new Hyundai IONIQ made its global debut yesterday at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show as the world’s first model offering three electrified powertrains — all-electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid — on the same platform.

As previously announced, the IONIQ Electric will offer a range of 250 kilometres, while the IONIQ Plug-in will travel up to 50 kilometres in EV mode.

This car is even more eco-friendly than we first thought. It relies less on oil-based products and more on natural products. A Hyundai-first and a key characteristic of the IONIQ is its innovative use of recycled or ecologically sensitive materials. The interior door panels, for example, are made of natural plastic combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone. 

Elsewhere, raw materials extracted from sugar cane are partly applied on the headlining and carpet helping to improve quality of air inside the car and the recyclability of vehicle parts at end of life. Outside, Hyundai used a special paint with renewable ingredients extracted from soybean oil.

The spacious Hyundai IONIQ offers ample room for the head, shoulders, and legs. The battery, placed below the rear seats and the spare wheel well, saves precious space. Moreover, the rear seats can fold flat providing a cargo space of up to 443 litres.

The on-sale date for the new Hyundai IONIQ has yet to be announced, but rivals like the Toyota Prius are probably nervous already.