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Hyundai Veloster turns into Zombie Survival Machine

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Hyundai teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to transform its hot Veloster hatchback into a zombie-fighting machine.

This follows last year's highly modified, armour-clad Elantra Coupe.

The unique Veloster includes, among other weapons, a baseball bat with spikes mounted to the trunk, knife blades that pop out of the rear bumper, a double-barrel shotgun with mount, and a front bumper “horde plow.”

Inside, there are storage solutions for ammo, weapons and a first-aid kit, Hyundai says. Meanwhile, the cup holders have been replaced with machete holders on either side of the seats. After all, throwing a machete at zombies is much more effective than a cup of Tim Hortons coffee, don't you think?

The Veloster Zombie Survival Machine made its debut at Comic Con in San Diego.

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