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2016 Christmas gift idea: Ice Driving Canada

Winter driving scares you? Or do you crave the excitement that comes from drifting on snow and ice? In either case, Ice Driving Canada will make you a better, more confident driver through a unique experience in North America.

The school’s various training sessions take place on one of the magnificent frozen lakes of Quebec’s Laurentides region, more specifically Lac des Sables in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts. You’ll enjoy personalized coaching from a team of seasoned instructors (under the supervision of professional driver Jean-Sebastien Sauriol) who will adapt every program curriculum to your specific needs in order to exceed your expectations, a fleet of high-performance cars (namely Porsche Boxsters) specially prepared for ice driving to give you extreme drifting sensations, and the opportunity to hone your skills on an ice course and large skid pad.

Four different packages are available including Introduction, Discovery, Hot Laps, and Advanced. Registration fees range from $55-$1,295.

For further information, visit and watch the following videos: