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Is Ford Planning to Sell Jaguar and Land Rover?

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Justin Pritchard
A report from the Sunday Times Newspaper in London suggested that Ford Motor Company was planning to divest itself of Land Rover and Jaguar divisions in the UK as a part of its shake-up of British brands.

According to the Sunday Times, the company planned to package the two
brands together and sell a majority stake to a financial investor. The decision was reportedly led by senior management at the company, headed by Bill Ford. The possibility was also mentioned of retaining Jaguar and focusing on exclusive luxury sports cars and limited production.

The Times reported that Bill Ford had sent a memo indicating that adviser Kenneth Leet would look into strategic options for the company. Leet's background in mergers and acquisitions led some to believe that disposal would be a more likely course of action.

Replying to the news, Ford announced recently that it has no plans to sell their stake in Jaguar and Land rover and that the rumors were unfounded. Ford has owned Jaguar since 1989 and is presently considering all options for the brand.
Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert