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Top 10 New Car Models Set to Debut in 2018

Guillaume Rivard
And then there will be the surprises!

2017 is on its last legs, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of the automotive universe, starting with the major international auto shows and right through our in-depth reviews of new models. The level of quality and refinement found in vehicles being produced today is truly remarkable, and consumers have reason to feel spoiled by choice.

Before we look ahead to 2018, pause a moment and take a gander in the rear-view mirror, via our Top 10 Concept Vehicles and Prototypes of 2017 and our Top 10 New Vehicle Models Unveiled in 2017.

So what does 2018 have in store for us? It’s fairly safe to assume that hybrid and electric vehicles will once again take up a good chunk of the spotlight, particularly as battery ranges continue to increase. Connected and self-driving cars will also continue to be a focus for manufacturers. As for the consumers, we expect they will continue to shift towards crossovers and SUVs in lieu of conventional cars.

Otherwise, the coming year should see a continuance of the trend towards the democratization of active safety and drive assist systems, including everything from automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection to lane keep assist. Until recently found exclusively in high-end luxury models, these are now being incorporated in economy cars and increasingly offered by manufacturers as standard equipment.

Of course, as we march closer to the turn of the next decade, get ready to see the very first 2020 model-year vehicles make their debuts around the world. Time flies!

Here then are what our crystal ball tells us will be the top 10 new production models to see the light of day in 2018, in alphabetical order:  

BMW X7 / Audi Q8
The two German companies announced their intention to grow their SUV lineups with the introduction in 2017 of new concept models. The coming months should see the launch of the production versions of the BMW X7 and Audi Q8, both of them spacious and sporty models designed for active – and well-off – families.

BMW X7 pre-production model
BMW X7 pre-production model
Photo: BMW
Guillaume Rivard
Guillaume Rivard
Automotive expert