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Italian policemen multi-tasking

Italian policemen multi-tasking

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From now on, speed limit offenders driving luxury cars will not only face a fine for breaching the highway code, but also be investigated to make sure they paid their taxes.

Italy being literally submerged in debts – 2,500 billion dollars –, authorities have decided to take action against the many Italians who find ways to go around their fiscal responsibilities.

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Since many of the said offenders are driving luxury cars, the moment they are pulled over by policemen for speeding is perfect to pin them down for their other offences.

The initiative is part of a plan put in place by the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, and seems to be paying dividends. Since the start of the year, 12 billion of unpaid tax dollars have flowed back into the state's pockets. 2,000 luxury car owners who had "forgotten" to pay their due were caught.

On the downside, the prime minister has had to reinforce security at the national revenue agency offices to protect the employees from threats – 250 letter bombs, Molotov cocktails and other forms of aggressions – coming from unhappy Italians who were forced to pay up.

Source: ABC News