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Land Rover Details New Virus-Fighting Filtration System

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The pandemic, has, among a few other things, spurred auto manufacturers to get creative in finding new solutions to protect vehicle occupants from bacteria and viruses. Jaguar-Land Rover has presented its in-development air filtration system that neutralizes up to 97 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria. Designed essentially as a mask for your car's air conditioning system, the system is based on Panasonic's Nanoe X technology.

Most of the British automaker’s models are currently equipped with Panasonic's Nanoe technology and PM2.5 filtration. The Nanoe X approach is 10 times more effective, according to the brand, because it relies on high voltage to create trillions of hydroxyl radicals (OH) wrapped inside nano-sized water molecules. Imagine an army of soldiers guarding a fortress to keep enemies out.

Essentially, proteins in the viruses and bacteria are neutralized when they come into contact with the filtration system, which means they can't reproduce or grow. OH also eliminates common allergens and molds, while being harmless to humans.

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Jaguar-Land Rover stressed that it does not rely on computer simulations to determine whether its filtration system works as intended. Instead, it asked British laboratory Perfectus Biomed to conduct a test that simulates a ventilation system in recirculation mode for a 30-minute cycle in a sealed chamber. The results were encouraging, as 97 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria were removed. The automaker noted that Panasonic's Nanoe X technology was independently proven to inhibit 99.995 percent of coronaviruses in a two-hour laboratory test conducted by French immunology lab Texcell.

Future Jaguar and Land Rover models will use the new technology, but there’s no word yet on when that will happen. Recall that Honda launched its own coronavirus destroyer in the form of a cabin air filter sold as an original replacement part. The filter is composed of four layers, one of which is covered with a fruit extract active substance that inactivates nearly 100 percent of the viral aerosols it captures. The part is available in Europe at Honda dealerships, but is not offered in North America.