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JCW tuning kit dials up the thrills for Mini Cooper S

Mini's award-winning Cooper S model is now available with a John Cooper Works (JCW) tuning kit for increased driving excitement. Designed exclusively for the next-generation Cooper S with six-speed manual, the JCW kit bumps horsepower from 172 to 189, while raising torque output to as high as 200 foot pounds. Mini says the increase is good for a 1.3 second reduction in the car's 80-120kmh acceleration figures in 6th gear.

A more muscular sounding exhaust note follows around the JCW tuned Cooper, which identifies itself with package-exclusive badging. The kit adds a free-flowing stainless steel sports exhaust tuned excellent interior and exterior sound effects. The distinctive muffler tips are even engraved with the John Cooper Works logo.

2008 MINI Cooper S

On the intake side, the 1.6 litre engine inhales through a larger airbox with a low-resistance filter element that work together for a more authoritative sounding induction growl. The revised intake enables a power increase as well. It's all handled by a reprogrammed ECU that's optimized for throttle response and power delivery throughout the rev-range.

"The John Cooper Works Tuning Kit is ideal for the MINI Cooper S enthusiast looking for a significant performance advantage along with the subtle optical queues which make his Cooper S a virtual special edition", said Stephen McDonnell, Director of MINI Canada.

How much? Expect to part with about $2,342 plus two hours of labor time at your Mini delaer.