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Jeep considering Wrangler-based pickup for 2017 or 2018

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Jeep is planning to launch a pickup truck based on the popular Wrangler in 2017 or 2018, according to a report by Automotive News. Production of this new model, likely inspired from the 2005 Gladiator concept, will take place in Toledo, Ohio, meaning the Wrangler will remain there as well. 

While this puts an end to all the uncertainty surrounding the Wrangler’s fate, Cherokee production will shift to a new location in a different state. Where exactly? That remains to be seen. 

The Cherokee could wind up at the Sterling Heights assembly plant in Michigan, where the platform-sharing Chrysler 200 is currently manufactured. Another possibility is the Belvedere plant in Illinois, because the compact Jeep also shares components with the Dodge Dart. 

The Toledo Assembly Complex is actually composed of two plants: one smaller body-on-frame plant that builds the Wrangler and a recently added unibody plant that builds the Cherokee. With the latter gone, Jeep will have room to produce both the next-generation Wrangler and the aforementioned new pickup. 

The size of the pickup has yet to be determined, but expect it to rival GM’s Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, not to mention a possible Ford Ranger reincarnation.

Further details about these production moves and the development of a new Wrangler-based Jeep pickup will be revealed around September 14th after contract talks between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the United Auto Workers conclude.